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We are FIXIP 

Fixip is a team of highly talented specialists in the field of retouching, editing, colorgrading, and creating digital assets using CGI. The team is based in Los Angeles and Europe and is highly versatile, depending on the project.

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With 15 years of experience, Fixip is known for its fast turnaround, responsiveness to client requests, and use of the latest technologies, such as real-time rendering in Unreal Engine.

The company has worked with clients like Cadillac, Genesis, Serrengeti Eyewear or Archer and has experience in creating digital assets for advertising campaigns, magazine covers, catalogs, and social media.
Fixip's goal is to deliver digital assets with a soul, support the creative vision of their client while pushing the boundaries of creativity. 

outside the box

Think outside the box to create images that really make a difference.


On set with you

This is the fixip way. 

We bring real post-production expertise directly to the shoot in order to support the photographer, art director and make your client confident. We understand each other's expectations and thus produce a new post-production experience with as little friction as possible.

With 15 years of experience on set and in post-production, Mika is the founder of FIXIP, he has honed his skills and developed a unique creative vision.  With his team, they aims to bring  their unique perspective to a wider range of clients, helping them to bring their visions to life through powerful visuals.

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