Enter the dynamic world of the Porsche 911 project, a thrilling folio showcasing full CGI imagery. This project holds a special significance as our inaugural venture into the realm of Unreal Engine, marking a journey of discovery and experimentation with the software’s capabilities. Despite its imperfections, it served as a benchmark for assessing rendering quality and the software’s potential for seamless integration. The dossier’s standout image, featuring a distorted wide-angle three-quarter view, masterfully blends real sky imagery with full CGI elements, exemplifying our exploration of Unreal Engine’s rendering capabilities. While the project dates back to 2022, representing our early foray into CGI, its simplicity and purity of color grading still resonate today. Although the front lights may not meet perfection, they serve as a reminder of the project’s primary objective: to push the boundaries of software capabilities and creative exploration. Despite its modest scope, the project’s final outcome brings immense satisfaction, reflecting our commitment to innovation and excellence. Embark on a journey of discovery and creativity with the Porsche 911 dossier, a testament to our relentless pursuit of pushing artistic boundaries.
Post-Production : CGI / Retouching 
Client :
Agency : FIXIP
Photographer : FIXIP
Creatives team/Art producer : FIXIP 
Producer : FIXIP