Project Audi Q4 by David Guenther. David entrusted us with this project for the Audi Q4. The foundation of the project was already excellent, with very soft images set in a minimalist environment. We quickly understood the direction needed for the look and feel of the images. We guided the images toward a soft, clean look with warm, somewhat muted colors, which gave a unique character to the series. Some skies needed replacing due to being either too empty or overexposed, which helped synchronize and harmonize all the images to achieve this desired look.

The Audi Q4’s sleek lines were accentuated by this treatment, resulting in very clean visuals. Collaborating closely with David from start to finish, we fine-tuned the image settings, ensuring the right tones for the sky, car, and model. The model presented a unique challenge due to her darker skin tone, which contrasted significantly with the sky’s light. We succeeded in highlighting her skin tone beautifully, making it stand out against the background. Overall, this project was very enjoyable to work on. The perfect model, car, and location combined to create stunning results that were well-received by the client.

Post-Production : Retouching 
Client : AUDI
Photographer : David Guenther
Creative DIRECTOR : Christopher Amat
Producer : Kaitlin Moerman