Explore the whimsical world of the Genesis G90, a delightfully unique endeavor. We embarked on the challenge of creating a realistic 3D rubber sole embedded with a QR code linking to Genesis’s Instagram. This quirky task injected a sense of fun into the project, offering a refreshing departure from the norm. Additionally, we crafted a cohesive set of images reflecting the model’s distinct character, including vast panoramas tailored to adapt to various client needs. The creation of extensive PSD files for the main image posed another challenge, demanding adaptability without compromising on quality. Each element, from the foreground model to the background architecture, was meticulously layered for seamless customization, ensuring versatility in client applications. Despite the complexity, the process was immensely rewarding, showcasing our ability to balance simplicity and sophistication in file design. Beyond these technical feats, the project retained its classic charm with primary images featuring the model adorned in a vibrant yellow veil, accompanied by lifestyle shots exuding elegance and grace. In essence, the Genesis G90 project offered a blend of innovation and tradition, culminating in a captivating visual narrative.
Post-Production : CGI / Retouching 
Client : Genesis USA
Agency : Innocean USA
Photographer : MPCurtet
Creatives team/Art producer : Melanie Tongas
Producer : MJ68