Step into the realm of the Nissan Ariya project, a challenging endeavor marked by its complexity and resilience. What sets this project apart is the formidable obstacle posed by relentless rainfall throughout the shoot. Every image in this project was captured under the deluge, presenting a unique set of challenges as the sun remained elusive. Despite the adverse conditions, we endeavored to recreate the essence of sunlight and ambiance, albeit with varying degrees of success across the images. The project’s core concept revolves around showcasing the Nissan Ariya in both urban and mountainous settings, necessitating meticulous attention to detail to ensure consistency in angle and lighting across split-image compositions. Shooting in the rain proved to be immensely demanding, with interior shots taken under makeshift shelters and exterior shots braving the elements. Despite the daunting challenges encountered during post-production, we remained steadfast in our commitment to delivering a compelling project that met the client’s expectations. This project underscores our unwavering dedication to excellence and our ability to overcome adversity to achieve remarkable results. Through our presence on location in Los Angeles, we witnessed firsthand the relentless power of the rain and emerged victorious, delivering a project that stands as a testament to our resilience and professionalism.
Post-Production : Retouching 
Client : Nissan USA
Agency : TBWA
Photographer : MPCurtet
Creatives team/Art producer : Sammie Heston / Enrique Bosch / Victoria Lyons / Sara Gold
Producer : JB5 Productions