The Genesis GV70 EV Electrified project, everything aligned perfectly – the ideal location, the stunning metallic gray of the car, and the incredible warmth of the house where we shot, which resulted in these powerful, sun-drenched images. The styling was top-notch, and the locations were impeccable. A unique aspect of this project was the garage door, which we created in CGI to add a distinctive touch to the overall color scheme of the project, complementing the entrance door of the house. It may seem like a small detail, but it played a significant role in enhancing the visual appeal. Photographing such a large, massive vehicle can sometimes be challenging, but we managed to capture its beauty effortlessly. The pristine white interior added to the warmth of the dashboard shot, completing the overall aesthetic. With the combination of excellent styling, classy talents, a beautiful location, and the consistently favorable California weather, everything came together perfectly to create a stunning project.

Post-Production : Retouching 
Client : Genesis USA 
Agency : Innocean USA
Photographer : MPCurtet
Creatives team/Art producer : Charles Gerstner
Producer : MJ68