Porsche GT4 RS

Discover the captivating fusion of reality and imagination with our latest project, the Porsche GT4 RS / CGI project. Crafted in the picturesque landscapes of El Mirage, California, this project seamlessly integrates real-world photography with cutting-edge CGI technology to deliver breathtaking visuals. By blending meticulously captured backplates with impeccably rendered CGI cars, we achieve the perfect harmony of authenticity and innovation. The choice of the Porsche GT4 RS amidst the expansive desert vistas was deliberate, highlighting the elegant simplicity of its design against the backdrop of vivid sunsets. This approach allows us to produce ultra-realistic images without the complexity of intricate CGI simulations, resulting in stunning visuals that transcend conventional boundaries. Witness the magic of CGI-enhanced reality and experience the artistry of automotive design like never before.
Post-Production : CGI / Retouching 
Client : FIXIP – THE LAB
Agency : FIXIP
Photographer : FIXIP
Creatives team/Art producer : FIXIP / Cedric
Producer : FIXIP