Project CX70 Mazda involved two trims: the Inline 6 and the PHEV. The project went smoothly thanks to consistently good weather, which is crucial for automotive shoots. Working with a familiar client like Mazda, we encountered no major difficulties. The main challenge with Mazda projects is that they require lifestyle-like images with minimal compositing, giving them a very natural look. The difficulty in post-production lies in transforming these lifestyle images into major campaign-ready images, which often involves extensive background extensions. This is time-consuming and intellectually demanding due to the limited available material.

Despite this, the client was very satisfied with the results. Mazda’s meticulous attention to fine details means that even minor corrections are crucial. This demand for precision is something we consistently meet, delivering highly natural yet intricately retouched images. In summary, while the project required significant post-production work to extend backgrounds and meet Mazda’s exacting standards, the end result was a set of images that appeared effortless and natural, much to the client’s satisfaction.

Post-Production : Retouching 
Client : MAZDA
Agency : VMLYR
Photographer : MPCurtet
Creatives team/Art producer : Kaoru Seo//PAUL TING/Jennifer Muranaka/Erik Chrisman/Jessica Mirolla
Producer : MJ68