Discover the Genesis GV80 Golf partnership through the lens of MP Curtet. This commercial endeavor, comprising just three images, presents a deceptively simple yet intricately composed narrative. Set against the rugged terrain of a golf course, each image required meticulous compositing to transform gravel into greens and skies into perfection. Capturing the essence of the partnership demanded creativity, as the scenes were entirely constructed in post-production, from sand traps to azure hues of water, meticulously graded by Fixip. Despite the challenges posed by shooting on a less-than-ideal helipad, the photographer skillfully captured the essence of the GV80, a task made arduous by its dense, dark-blue exterior. The enduring appeal of these images, displayed prominently by Genesis in 4×3 format even years later, attests to their success in captivating audiences. While additional lifestyle shots served social media content, the main focus remained on the gargantuan trio of images, meticulously optimized to handle the immense scale demanded by Innocean’s standards. Through strategic use of dynamic objects, we navigated the intricacies of post-production, ensuring efficiency without compromising quality. In essence, the Genesis GV80 Golf project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity in storytelling.
Post-Production : Retouching 
Client : Genesis USA
Agency : Innocean USA
Photographer : MPCurtet
Creatives team/Art producer : Charles Gerstner
Producer : MJ68